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Guide to Marketing Social Norms for Health Promotion in Schools and Communities

This comprehensive, step-by-step manual was designed specifically for those who want to use the social norms approach to address school-age and community-wide issues, and it provides both the theoretical and practical information to do so effectively, and with fidelity to the model. As such, it will be a valuable resource for anyone involved in such an effort—be they community members, school administrators and staff, or health promotion professionals.

The contents of the guidebook include:

  • Initial Planning
  • Data Collection
  • Strategy Development
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Sample "Survey of Student Norms"

The latest version of the guidebook, complete with graphics, is available here in PDF format.

After reading the guidebook you will want to visit our website devoted entirely to the online survey tools for implementing and evaluating social norms interventions: Social Norms Surveys. There you will find a copy of the "Survey of Student Norms" that appears in the guidebook, along with support information and other surveys that focus on bullying and other safety and health issues for youth.

Finally, useful information related to the evaluation of outcome data can be found in the article "Critical Concerns for Evaluating Social Norms Interventions with Survey Data," by H. Wesley Perkins, Ph.D. Based on a presentation given by Dr. Perkins in early 2005 to a select meeting of universities using the social norms approach to address alcohol-related issues, this article contains important information for those who are involved in the evaluation of outcome data, no matter the issue addressed.

**Portions of the information presented on this page were originally prepared by Michael Haines and Richard Rice and are printed here with their permission.