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  A wide variety of resources are available for those who are currently engaged in—or investigating the implementation of—a social norms project. Here you will find more specific information as well as links to important web-based resources.

The five subject areas outlined below can be accessed using the navigation panel in the left-hand margin of the page.

Information about and links to:

  • Social Norms Surveys Online
  • Youth Health & Safety Project
  • A Guide to Marketing Social Norms for Health Promotion in Schools and Communities
  • The Campus Survey of Alcohol and Other Drug Norms (Core Institute)
  • The National College Health Assessment
  • Monitoring the Future

The Main Frame
A guide for practitioners who are implementing social norms projects with resources and advice on generating news coverage and shifting the public debate on issues of health and safety.

The Social Norms Review
The Social Norms Review was an quarterly electronic publication issued in 2005 and 2006 by the National Social Norms Resource Center. Intended to provide a forum for the in-depth examination of topics and issues of relevance to the social norms approach, the Review discontinued publication shortly before the Center closed in 2007. All of the issues are offered here so as to provide continued public access to their contents.

The editorial advisory board of The Social Norms Review was (in alphabetical order):

Gregory Barker, Ph.D.
Alan Berkowitz, Ph.D.
Michael P. Haines, M.S.
Linda Hancock, Ph.D.
Koreen Johannessen, M.S.W.
H. Wesley Perkins, Ph.D.
Richard Rice, M.A.

Web Sites
A number of web-based resources with useful information for those using the social norms approach. They include:

  • The Alcohol Education Project
  • The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention: Social Norms and Social Marketing
  • National Social Norms Institute
  • European Social Norms Institute (United Kingdom)
  • Social Norms Surveys Online
  • Youth Health & Safety: The Social Norms Approach
  • Your Strategy: Party Smart (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • The BACCHUS Network