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Here are a number of web-based resources that provide useful information for those using the social norms approach to promote health and wellness.

The Alcohol Education Project
This site, based at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, provides an extensive collection of education and research initiatives designed to better inform students and school and college personnel about alcohol and other drugs and to address problems of abuse. Co-directors of the project are Drs. H. Wesley Perkins and David Craig. Among the topics covered are:

  • Consultation/Dissemination for Higher Education
  • Secondary Education Initiative and Support
  • Social Norms Surveys Online
  • Social Norms 101 Primer
  • MVP (Most Valuable Player) Athlete Project
  • Campaign to Reduce Misperceived Norms
  • Posters and Poster Campaign
  • Web-based Normative Message Campaign
  • Use of Electronic Multimedia in a Social Norms Prevention Program

Social Norms 101 Primer
Provides a wealth of information for those who are new to this approach and seek to gain a better undersanding of the underlying theory and its application to health promotion. Contents include:
  • Explanation of the Theory of the Social Norms Approach
  • Brief Introductory Articles
  • Guide to Marketing Social Norms for Health Promotion in Schools and Communities
  • College Social Norms Study
  • The Methods and Pitfalls of Intervention Assessment
  • 2002 College Review of the Literature
  • Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography

National Social Norms Institute
The University of Virginia, a national leader in alcohol and substance abuse education, established the National Social Norms Institute to conduct ongoing research into the effectiveness of social norms methodology to combat high-risk drinking among students. The purpose of the National Social Norms Institute is to research, evaluate and disseminate information on the social norms methodology to the field.

The BACCHUS Network
The BACCHUS Network is an international association of college and university-based peer education programs focusing on alcohol abuse prevention and other student health and safety issues.

The European Social Norms Institute
The Eropean Social Norms Institute was founded to advance the theory and implementation of the social norms approach across Europe.

Social Norms Surveys Online
The web-based surveys of the Alcohol Education Project have been designed to support social norms programming in college and secondary school environments. Specific college student athlete and Greek surveys are available to support sub-population programming. Web surveys provide a secure, low cost, rapid data collection solution for social norms programming that provides for greater accuracy through real-time validation. Students can complete surveys in 10-15 minutes.

Information provided on this site includes:

  • Examples of results from surveys that have been administered
  • Sample surveys
  • Discussion of how to use these surveys in your program

Youth Health & Safety: The Social Norms Approach
Provides detailed information about gathering credible data and the applicability of the social norms approach to an array of youth health and safety issues, such as:

  • Alcohol and Drug Misuse
  • Weight Norms
  • Bullying Behaviors