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Press Releases & Opinion Pieces (2006)

November 1, 2006
Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of a Social Norms Intervention in Reducing High-Risk Drinking Among Student-Athletes
College student-athelte study published.

July 27, 2006
College Students Play it Safe: New Study Shows Protective Behaviors Reduce Risk of Injury
A study of more than 28,000 students attending 44 colleges and universities found that college students regularly employ a variety of protective behaviors in order to reduce their risk of injury when drinking. The research further finds that a number of these behaviors correlate significantly with reduced harm, including physical injury to self or others, involvement in a fight, or forced sexual activities. This research will be published in the September/October (volume 54/number 8) issue of the Journal of American College Health and will be presented at the 2006 National Social Norms Conference, July 26-28 in Denver.

July 27, 2006
High Schools Tackle Tough Behavioral Issues with Social Norms Approach: Innovative Methodology Addresses Adolescent Drinking, Drug Use and Bullying
At this year's National Social Norms Conference, July 26-28 in Denver, four presentations will highlight the impact of social norms efforts at the high-school level addressing drinking, drug use and even bullying in adolescent children. For the past 16 years, social norms programs have achieved great success at the college level, and now that success is being seen at the secondary level.

June 21, 2006
U.S. Department of Education Recognizes Four Colleges for their Effective Social Norms Approaches to Curb High-Risk Drinking among College Students
College students are changing their high-risk drinking behaviors for healthier choices, according to recently-announced award winning programs at four universities. The four colleges and universities that will be officially announced as grant recipients at the U.S. Department of Education's 20th Annual Conference this fall for the Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Models on College Campuses Grant Competition are using the social norms marketing approach, according to the National Social Norms Resource Center. The schools are George Mason University; Montclair State University; University of Albany, State University of New York; and University of Missouri, Columbia.

March 13, 2006
Spring Break and College Students: Perception vs. Reality - A Response to the American Medical Association
A recent press release issued by the American Medical Association (AMA) makes a number of sensational statements based on highly questionable poll data and quotes the president of the AMA as concluding, "Spring break is broken. What was a traditional time to relax and take a break from college studies has turned into a dangerous binge-fest."